Capturing Translation Processes (CTP)

At a glance

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow

Project team: Andrea Hunziker Heeb , Peter Jud , Prof. Dr. Gary Massey , Prof. Dr. Daniel Perrin

Financing: DORE/SNF

Project budget: 420'500.00 CHF

Project start date: 01-04-2009

Project partner(s): CLS Communication

Further information:

Short description

The question of what translators really do when they translate and how they do it is the focus of this applied linguistics project, a large-scale longitudinal workplace study of translation processes and the development of translation competence. By “translation processes”, we mean the entire process of production of a translation: it begins when a prospective translator realizes what the assignment is and ends when the translator submits the text to the next level (which, depending on the workplace, might be to a translation teacher, to another translation or supervisor for revision, or directly to a client). By “translation competence”, we mean the knowledge that translators require to perform their linguistic work (such as language expertise, translation principles, and research skills).