Relationship between head load bearing and neck functions in female Gambians

At a glance

Project leader: Markus Ernst (Betreuer)

Project team: Mariama Hiestand

Project start date: 01-11-2017

Short description

In The Gambia there is a significant amount of women that transport load on the head, such as 20k water bucket every day, street fruit sellers, etc. The importance of the study is to examine the phenomenon if and how it affects The Gambian female population. Most women in the rural areas transport their goods by carrying them on the head, without knowing if it has positive or negative effects/consequences on their health (especially cervical spine). Therefore, studying this phenomenon will be of great impact on the lives of the woman in the population and the health sector. The current female population is 50.6% in The Gambia and most of the head load bearers are women. Another important aspect is that the women teach their children and the trend continues. The study shall help us research facts and figures and prevent any misconceptions about the head load bearing. Therefore, the result will help to improve our health system and the population at large by educating and sensitizing the communities at risk of head load bearing if there is any