Evaluation der Zusammenarbeit im Projekt eUmzugZH

At a glance

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Caroline Brüesch , Dr. Achim Lang

Project team: Dr. Martina Flick Witzig, Dr. Achim Lang

Project start date: 01-05-2017

Project partner(s): Stabsstelle E-Government des Kantons Zürich

Short description

The project eUmzugCH (electronic change of residence) is a national strategic project of the e-government development plan of Switzerland. The canton of Zurich piloted the implementation of the strategic project under the label eUmzugZH. For the future success of large-scale e-government projects, it is necessary to evaluate the complex collaboration between public and private organizations, in addition to the socio-technical aspects, e.g. user friendliness, interoperability, and user acceptance.
The evaluation is intended to determine the factors that have been causal for the successful project implementation and which can be assumed to be success factors for future projects.