DeepScore: Digital Music Stand with Musical Understanding via Active Sheet Technology

At a glance

Project leader: Dr. Thilo Stadelmann

Project team: Dr. Philipp Ackermann , Diego Browarnik , Gabriel Eyyi , Lukas Tuggener

Financing: KTI

Project budget: 935'000.00 CHF

Project start date: 01-06-2016

Project partner(s): IDSIA, ScorePad GmbH

Short description

The ScorePad product is a digital music stand for tablet computers of professional musicians. It makes printed scores obsolete und offers considerable simplification in score handling as well as new collaborative functions for ensembles. This is enabled by the "active sheet" component to be developed in the DeepScore project: Via high-precision optical music recognition, printed scores are automatically converted into machine-readable scores and interpreted by software.