Framework for Experimentation with Ambient Wall Displays

; ; (). Framework for Experimentation with Ambient Wall Displays. In: Proceedings of DATAVIEW 2010. 1st International Workshop on DATA Visualization and Integration in Enterprises and on the Web. Creta, Greece: Springer. Peer reviewed.

Ambient walls have been proposed as a means of displaying different forms of awareness information in organisations. The ambient walls that have been developed vary widely in terms of their dimensions as well as the size and type of lights used to make up the display. Typically, the ambient wall is physically constructed and researchers then experiment with different information content and visualisations. We present a framework that supports experimentation with ambient wall displays in terms of, not only the types of awareness information displayed and its abstract representation, but also the physical properties of the display. The framework may be used for the rapid development of applications for specific walls as well as supporting the design of physical walls suited to a specific application.