Information Sharing Modalities for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

; ; ; (). Information Sharing Modalities for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. In: Proceedings of CoopIS 2009. 17th International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems. Vilamoura, Portugal: Springer. Peer reviewed.

Current mobile phone technologies have fostered the emergence of a new generation of mobile applications. Such applications allow users to interact and share information opportunistically when their mobile devices are in physical proximity or close to fixed installations. It has been shown how mobile applications such as collaborative filtering and location-based services can take advantage of ad-hoc connectivity to use physical proximity as a filter mechanism inherent to the application logic. We discuss the different modes of information sharing that arise in such settings based on the models of persistence and synchronization. We present a platform that supports the development of applications that can exploit these modes of ad-hoc information sharing and, by means of an example, show how such an application can be realized based on the supported event model.