Where does CFD Identify Lesion Instability in Small Aneurysms?

; ; ; ; ; (). Where does CFD Identify Lesion Instability in Small Aneurysms?. In: CMBE2017. 5th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering. Pittsburgh, USA: CMBE. Peer reviewed.

In our observation, wall enhancement MRI allows for directly identifying areas of disturbed contrast permeability, i.e. inflammation, thrombus or a combination of both, and thus visualizes areas of instability in the aneurysm wall. In presented cases, regions of enhancements were compared with wall shear stress (WSS) distribution obtained from computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In our findings, areas of wall enhancement match well with either low or high WSS, however, other areas of low or high WSS were observed without identification of any wall enhancement.