Cloud-Native Databases: An Application Perspective

; ; (). Cloud-Native Databases: An Application Perspective. In: 3rd International Workshop on Cloud Adoption and Migration (CloudWays) @ ESOCC. Oslo, Norway: Springer. Peer reviewed.

As cloud computing technologies evolve to better support hosted software applications, software development businesses are faced with a multitude of options to migrate to the cloud. A key concern is the management of data. Research on cloud-native applications has guided the construction of highly elastically scalable and resilient stateless applications, while there is no corresponding concept for cloud-native databases yet. In particular, it is not clear what the trade-offs between using self-managed database services as part of the application and provider-managed database services are. We contribute an overview about the available options, a testbed to compare the options in a systematic way, and an analysis of selected benchmark results produced during the cloud migration of a commercial document management application.