A Design Approach to Service Transformation in Small Firms

(). A Design Approach to Service Transformation in Small Firms. In: Proceedings of the Spring Servitization Conference. Internationalisation through Servitization. (69 - 75). Aston: Aston University. Peer reviewed.

Purpose: This paper aims at describing a design approach for the transformation from products to services in small manufacturing firms. We discuss the design of value propositions for customers which takes the customer life-cycle into account. Additionally, we present a scheme for designing the customer interactions that enables the optimisation of the cost and value contributions.

Design/Methodology/Approach: We interpret the methodologies of service design for the industrial context. The concept of the customer journey design is transferred to the business-to-business constellation. Moreover, an established scheme for the value-based design of customer interactions is adapted to the case of services in manufacturing.

Findings: Methodologies for customer-centric service design can be transferred and applied to industrial services. The concepts of customer insight research and value proposition design can be interpreted for the business-to-business context. Special attention has to be paid to the design of the customer journey for manufacturing companies. Additionally, a dedicated scheme can be used to map the service interactions to a value matrix depending on their value contribution to the customer and the provider, respectively.

Originality/Value: This paper provides a new approach to servitization of manufacturing by adapting approaches from service and interaction design to the product-service transformation of manufacturing firms. The research is relevant in order to address the lack of methodologies for design-centred servitization approaches in small manufacturing firms.