Experimental Evaluation of the Cloud-Native Application Design

; ; ; ; (). Experimental Evaluation of the Cloud-Native Application Design. In: 4th International Workshop on Clouds and (eScience) Application Management (CloudAM) Limassol, Cyprus: Peer reviewed.

Cloud-Native Applications (CNA) are designed to run on top of cloud computing infrastructure services with inherent support for self-management, scalability and resilience across clustered units of application logic. Their systematic design is promising especially for recent hybrid virtual machine and container environments for which no dominant application development model exists. In this paper, we present a case study on a business application running as CNA and demonstrate the advantages of the design experimentally. We also present Dynamite, an application auto-scaler designed for containerised CNA.
Our experiments on a Vagrant host, on a private OpenStack installation and on a public Amazon EC2 testbed show that CNA require little additional engineering.