Hospital Catering – A Look at Products, Pricing and Atmosphere

; (). Hospital Catering – A Look at Products, Pricing and Atmosphere. In: International Federation for Home Economics (Hg.). XXlll IFHE World Congress 2016 - Abstract Book + Full Paper. Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea. (145). Daejeon: IFHE. Peer reviewed.


Food Services in hospitals are an important source of relaxation for employees. Catering facilities not only need to provide consumers with a suitable range of food and beverages at reasonable prices but also to offer a comfortable atmosphere. So far there has not been any study looking at these factors in Swiss hospitals.


Aim of this research was to detect, present and evaluate offerings, pricing and infrastructural atmosphere of catering facilities in Swiss hospitals. This in order to provide hospital decision makers with a basis to compare and contrast their services.


Qualitative research design, underpinned by the pragmatism paradigm and a primarily inductive approach. The inquiry strategy was a multi methods case study. Case study entity is 18 hospitals catering facilities – focusing on public cafeterias. Data collection methods include document research, structured observations and semi-structured expert interviews. Data was primarily analysed thematically.


Detailed overview and comparison of food and beverage offers and corresponding price ranges and commented factors shaping the atmosphere of the catering areas. Employees benefit from notable pricing discounts.


Catering facilities are acknowledged to be an important image factor for hospitals. The findings correspond with literature stating key points for successful catering services. This adds to the body of knowledge in the field of Home Economics by providing a sound argumentation basis to set up and maintain competitive catering offerings in (Swiss)hospitals.