Reference procedure model for integrating FM applications in hospitals

; ; ; (). Reference procedure model for integrating FM applications in hospitals. In: Faculty Research Week 9.-13. Mai 2016. Liverpool: Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Peer reviewed.

Both, Facility Management and Information Systems Research are relatively new disciplines, especially in the

context of hospitals. Driven by the need to reduce costs in healthcare, systematic and empirically based

solutions are requested by the hospital industry. Currently, non-medical support services (FM in HC) and

information systems in hospitals are mostly very fragmented due to the fact that no holistic view or integration

efforts were undertaken between the different disciplines as well as to the fact that rather little investments

were made. Where reference models are available, they comprise only specific and mostly medical areas.

The research aim is therefore to develop a reference model providing the necessary information about the

ideal display of interrelations and characteristics of FM in HC in terms of software applications as a basis for

a more transparent software architecture management in the hospital industry. This leads to the research

question “How do interrelations of non-medical-support service applications in hospitals and their

corresponding impact on the software requirements have to be modelled in order to be applicable for future

software architecture management in the hospital industry?”. The overall research design for the

development of an information systems reference model as a design artefact is based on the design science

research principles. The design combines the conceptual modelling principles for modelling of the reference

model itself and the empirical qualitative gathering and analysis of data.