Service Platform for the Exchange of Services with Developing Countries

; ; ; ; (). Service Platform for the Exchange of Services with Developing Countries. In: Tech4Dev 2016. UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development Int. Conference 2016. (127). Lausanne: EPFL. Peer reviewed.

This paper presents the new PESCO service platform that offers an Access-To-Market (A2M) and other services to connect farmers in the global south with consumer networks in the global north and setup long term relationships between them. PESCO is the result of a CTI-project of ZHAW, FHNW and gebana AG. The A2M service supports gebana in enabling farmers in developing countries to get access for their products to the fair- trade market in Europe. Interested farmers or NGOs can post their product suggestions to PESCO. After gebana has decided to start the A2M project PESCO supports the communication between the farmers, agents and gebana employees. To that end the agents get a smartphone with the PESCO app that allows them to easily collect the data for the A2M process and exchange it with gebana. PESCO further supports the A2M process in all phases, e.g. to setup a supporting community in the developed countries or by visualizing the status of the project for all stakeholders. PESCO can be a model how producer networks in the global south and consumer networks in the global north can set up long term relationships to exchange products and services in a direct fair-trade manner.