A Method to Benchmark Cleaning Services in Swiss Hospitals

; ; ; (). A Method to Benchmark Cleaning Services in Swiss Hospitals: IFMA Academic & Research Track Proceedings World Workplace Conference in Denver. International Journal of Facility Management, , 6, 1. Peer reviewed.

Background: In Switzerland, hospitals are now forced to improve their cost transparency to deal with a tightening financial environment. Decision makers demand benchmark data in order to detect efficiency potential. As part of the supporting services, cleaning services are also affected by that. However, up until now there has been no benchmarking opportunity for cleaning services in hospitals.

Purpose: This paper is about the research being applied to develop a benchmark methodology for cleaning services in hospitals.

Methodology: Mixed methods design within a traditional qualitative research design, underpinned by the pragmatism paradigm and a primarily inductive approach. The inquiry strategy was a mixed methods case study. Case study entity is seven hospital FM departments where the bounded system of cleaning services was focused on. Data collection methods include document research, semi-structured expert discussions, and a quantitative questionnaire. Data was primarily analysed thematically. Results: 21 clearly defined base numbers leading to informative 12 key figures (KPI’s) were developed according to practitioners’ needs. Additionally, a detailed catalogue of weighted cleaning tasks was established in order to put the key figures into perspective.

Conclusion: The research led to a rigorous method to benchmark cleaning services in Swiss hospitals. However the findings are mostly limited to quantitative figures and do not include qualitative attributes of cleaning services. Nevertheless the results are currently being implemented in practice where a first set of hospitals benchmark their cleaning services with figures of the year 2014.