TRAL: Tandem repeat annotation library

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (). TRAL: Tandem repeat annotation library. In: Bioinformatics. (31 (18): 3051-3053). Oxford: Oxford University press. Peer reviewed.

Motivation: Currently, more than 40 sequence tandem repeat detectors are published, providing heterogeneous, partly complementary, partly conflicting results.

Results: We present TRAL, a tandem repeat annotation library that allows running and parsing of various detection outputs, clustering of redundant or overlapping annotations, several statistical frameworks for filtering false positive annotations, and importantly a tandem repeat annotation and refinement module based on circular profile hidden Markov models (cpHMMs). Using TRAL, we evaluated the performance of a multi-step tandem repeat annotation workflow on 547,085 sequences in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot. The researcher can use these results to predict run-times for specific datasets, and to choose annotation complexity accordingly.

Availability and implementation: TRAL is an open-source Python3 library and is available, together with documentation and tutorials via www.vital-it.ch/software/tral.