Grapevine Production During Climate Change

; ; (). Grapevine Production During Climate Change: Poster. In: X. Terroir Congress. International congress. (7. Juli 2014). Tokaj, Ungary: xx.

Due to men-made greenhouse effect climate will change in the coming decades. A study of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss) yielded a warming of 1-3°C in the next 60 years in grape growing regions of Switzerland. Such changes will turn the weather conditions for grapevine production around Lake Zurich to those comparable to Perpignan, southern France, and Barcelona, Spain, respectively. Concerning these results grapevine production will change anyway in the coming decades. The questions are (1) which regions are suitable for wine produce in future, (2) which grape varieties can be planted in the specific plots and (3) what other possibilities are given to face the coming situation in a positive manner. Using weather station based (n=29, height=2m) and gridded (interpolated, height=2m) temperature data of the last 20 years the helio-thermic index called Huglin-Index (HI) was calculated for three cantons in Switzerland. The average values of HI_MET (HI of meteorological weather station) a HI_GRD (HI of gridded data) were 1454 and 1453, respectively. Differences on HI_MET average values over years per station compared to the corresponding grid-values were found in a range of -322 and +477. Regression analyses of HI_MET versus altitude lead to predicted HI’s which match more closely the expected HI_MET incases of big differences of HI_MET and HI_GRD. Level of confidence of HI_MET versus altitude was higher than the one of HI_GRD. The results suggest investigating the interpolation of HIs in comparison to His calculated on interpolated temperatures.