Guiding the Development of Multi-functional Ingredients for Bakery Products – An Overview

; ; ; ; ; (). Guiding the Development of Multi-functional Ingredients for Bakery Products – An Overview: Poster. In: Lebensmittel FachTagung . (Nov 15). Wädenswil: ZHAW Life Science and Facility Management.

The Institute für Lebensmittel und Getränke Innovation, ZHAW is a partner in CTI- and Industry-financed project Multi-functional Bioingredients Developed for Bakery Products, now in its third year of operation.  The interdisciplinary team of four research groups, i.e. Nutrition, Bakery Technology, Sensory and Mikrobiology, is collaborating with the project lead at the Laboratory of Food Biotechnology, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health, IFNH, ETH Zürich; and three Industry partners: Bakels AG, Coop, and Bioforce AG. Summarized here are the main project aims and responsibilities of the ZHAW team.
Project Background
Fermentation technologyb,c and food-safe microorganisms are being used to produce, multi-functional ingredients (MFI) of particular interest to the bakery and nutritional supplement sector. These may contain vitaminsa,b folate and B12; mixtures of organic acids; and other functional substances. The project aims to study the functional properties and the potential of these natural ingredients to bring added value to bakery products, in terms of improved shelf-life.and nutritional content.

¨ZHAW Goals in the Project
Bakery Technology is testing the MFI in bakery applications using Swiss Semmeli as a model: a rapid, screening-baking test and a pilot-baking test, including three baking stages (dough, partially-baked and fully-baked) and a storage study..
Sensory is assessing a wide-range of sensory attributes of MFI-enriched breads, by consensus profiling (DIN 10967-2), triangle tests (DIN EN ISO 4120); and  consumer tests (DIN 10974), which are planned for the final ingredients.

The Microbiology group has set up challenge tests to assess the antimicrobial functions of MFI, based on indicator organisms which are problematic in the bakery industry (bread-spoilage molds and rope-producing Bacillus sp). .

ZHAW-team Contributions and Outlook
Guiding the development of innovative and functional ingredients, allowing rapid adjustments to both fermentation technology and baking trials at pilot scale.
Targeting the concept of ‘natural’, improved shelf life of bakery products and critical vitamins (folate and B12) in nutrition for bakery products.
Following a step-by step process towards consumer acceptability and safe-bakery products.