Model-driven Composition of Information Systems from Shared Components & Connectors

; ; (). Model-driven Composition of Information Systems from Shared Components & Connectors. In: Proceedings of CoopIS 2013. 21st International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems. Graz: Springer. Peer reviewed.

We introduce CompIS, an approach, model and platform for model-driven component-based information system engineering.
Our approach is based on the concept of shared components and connectors between them. To address the data-intensive nature of information systems, our components follow an extended model-view-control structure that also includes data. Component composition is based on configurable connectors, which define the collaboration logic between components and support component composition at the level of the component model, view, control and data. 
The CompIS UML profile allows to graphically define new components, connectors and compositions. The CompIS platform is a model-driven engineering environment, based on an extended object database that natively integrates the CompIS model. From graphical UML model definitions, the platform automatically generates application code that creates and initialises components and connectors. We present and validate our approach in the eCommerce domain.