The Management of Strategic Foresight Activities

; ; (). The Management of Strategic Foresight Activities: Evidence from Large European Multinationals. In: S.N. Grösser; R. Zeier (Hg.). Systemic Management for Intelligent Organizations. Concepts, Models-Based Approaches and Applications. (63-82). Heidelberg: Springer.

Despite the strategic relevance of strategic-foresight activities, the strategic-management literature contains only little and fragmented knowledge of how firms successfully manage such activities. This exploratory paper provides insights into the management of strategic-foresight activities based on in-depth case studies of five large multinational companies. According to our findings, strategie foresight activities (1) are structuraHy managed within an organization via one of three models, (2) consist of initiation, modeling, and finalization phases, which occur in circular, iterative loops, (3) use increasingly qualitative and participative methods, (4) support strategie decision-making with a main focus either on innovation and exploration or on planning and exploitation, (5) are subject to substantial change depending on the content-related openness of the corporate strategy (diversification vs. focusing) and the openness of the strategic-planning process (outside vs. inside orientation), and (6) are induced by a radical and sudden
change in the corporate strategy.