Automation and Standardization of Tissue Culture Processes for Regenerative Medicine

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Projektleiter/in: Prof. Dr. Ursula Graf-Hausner

Projektteam: Dr. Epifania Bono, Nicola Franscini, Dr. Stephanie Mathes

Projektfinanzierung: KTI

Projektbeginn: 01.03.2008


The aim of the proposed project is to establish an automated cell culturing and expansion instrument for tissue engineering for regenerative therapies. This promising therapeutic field will only become economically viable by using automated and standardized cell propagation equipment. Our model cells will be nucleus pulposus (spinal disc) cells because clinical applications are approved and address a significant market and manual baseline culturing processes are already established within our consortium. The solution will be based on an automated liquid handling robot and advanced cell culture characterization devices. The goal is to propagate primary cells for usage in R&D and GMP laboratories. Special emphasis is placed on repeat-ability, robustness and data traceability.