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Projektleiter/in: Matthias Stucki

Projektteam: René Itten

Projektfinanzierung: Horizon 2020 SPIRE

Projektbeginn: 01.10.2015

ProjektpartnerInnen: IRIS


SPIRE - Sustainable Process Industries through Resource and Energy Efficiency


The SHAREBOX aims at using industrial symbiosis for new solutions for more efficient processing and energy systems in the process industry.

Industrial symbiosis helps to migrate to the energy and resource efficient zero-waste process industry of the future. SHAREBOX is an online plattform providing plant operations and production managers with the robust and reliable information in real-time for effectively and confidently sharing resources (plant, energy, water, residues, and recycled materials) with other companies in an optimum symbiotic eco-system.

Analysis and optimisation tools for flexible energy use and material flow integration for optimising symbiosis among companies will be implemented in SHAREBOX using Input-Output modelling for resource (waste and energy) supply-demand matching and process efficiency analysis (to understand physical and technological conditions), Game Theoretical approaches for integrating company behaviour in cost-, benefit-, and resource-sharing and Agent-Based Modelling for designing the optimal symbiotic network.

The SHAREBOX platform will bring commercial benefits to its developers and deployers, as well as to its end-users, whereby it will serve as a tool for the optimisation of energy and resources supply and demand leading to resource sharing and exchanges for reduced costs, increased sustainability and green growth.

The SHAREBOX subproject at the ZHAW IUNR conducts an environmental assessment of the solutions developed within SHAREBOX.