Comprehensive Sales Forecasting for Supply Chain Optimization

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Projektleiter/in: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ott

Projektteam: Mark Blume, Oliver Christ, Dr. Stefan Glüge, Sandro Graf, Hannes Schüle Bravo, Dr. Martin Schüle, Marco Schmid, Erich Zbinden

Projektfinanzierung: KTI

Projektbeginn: 01.06.2015

ProjektpartnerInnen: PrognosiX, Genosschenchaft Migros Zürich, Denner, BINA, Inform


Optimizing the Precision of Prognoses based on External Factors - Interdepartemental Project


We are building a new generation of sales forecasting tools. As opposed to existing demand
planning software, our forecasts are not only based on history, but involve present and future through external factors (e.g. weather) and internal effects (e.g. promotions). Our algorithms leverage the experience of the user and enable procurement managers to reliably plan their purchases - especially of (ultra-) fresh products - in view of supply chain optimization.
The interdepartemental project is lead by ZHAW-Institut of Applied Simulation (Wädenswil) under cooperation of the Institut for Marketing Management and the Institut for Business Information Technolgy (both SML, Winterthur)