FairCare - The network based solution for collaborative future care

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Projektleiter/in: Andri Färber

Projektteam: Geneviève Blanc, Prof. Dr. Alexandre de Spindler, Eva Gmür, Romy Mahrer Imhof

Projektbeginn: 01.05.2015


The project’s objective is to improve the allocation and scalability of existing professional care resources, potential informal care resources and care related services by orchestrating an innovative and accessible model for future care. FairCare is a network based solution for collaborative future care which allows for innovative business processes through a disruptive business model. FairCare aims to close the emerging gap between increasing demand for care and available resources by utilizing existing supply of care for older adults more efficiently and by optimizing resource allocation and management through means of self-management by primary end-users and their linked informal caregivers. The integration of quality assurance measures on a regional, national and European level will help to advance care at home and in the community. FairCare contributes to sustainable care systems in the future.