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Projektleiter/in: Prof. Dr. Heidrun Becker

Projektteam: Verena Biehl, Dr. Andrea Glässel, Katrina Goba, Dr. Andrea Kofler, Anja Kollmar, Ursula Meidert

Projektfinanzierung: EU, SBFI

Projektbeginn: 01.03.2015

Weiterführende Informationen: http://project.icarecoops.eu


Fostering Care Cooperatives in Europe by Building an Innvotive Platform with ICT-Based and AAL-Driven Services


iCareCoops as a project of an interdisciplinary European consortium will tackle challenges concerning an ageing society by innovating new services, technologies and features to elaborate, design and implement a framework to support existing and future elderly care cooperatives in Europe. An increasing demand for care services, resource scarcity, lack of (care) infrastructure and professional health care call for solutions, which support the selforganisation of elderly people. The project is targeted at communities that aim to implement and manage elderly care cooperatives in their region. The core of the iCareCoops comprehensive framework is used primarily by managers of elderly care cooperatives as well as other interested users (individual elderly people, researchers, AAL solution suppliers, enterprises, end-user organizations providers of formal and informal care, etc.). iCareCoops will be embedded in the AAL landscape, uses open source components and aims to integrate other AAL systems through gateways, aggregators, and APIs.
The main objectives of iCareCoops are:
1) Elaborate the foundation of an innovative and modern approach to support and promote elderly care cooperatives by conducting research on existing cooperatives.
2) Study concepts, approaches and workflows of care cooperatives and communities in Europe,
3) Develop an innovative web-based platform which offers interactive ICT- and AAL-based services, processes and mobile applications to enable an environment of true collaboration and cooperation which supports carers and cooperatives in their diverse and demanding tasks.
4) Integrate existing AAL gateways, devices and services on the platform serving as technical triggers for care actions and promote AAL solutions over an agent-based directory to the established care cooperatives.
5) Implement iCareCoops in a pilot environment, which strongly involves care cooperatives, informal and form and carers and other relevant stakeholders.
6) Develop sustainable strategies for the rollout of the innovative concept of Elderly Care Cooperatives in Europe.
The platform will basically offer three main service modules: information ervices, cooperative services and AAL-driven Services.