DROPSA: Strategies to develop effective, innovative and practical approaches to protect major European fruit crops from pests and pathogens

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Projektleiter/in: Dr. Brion Duffy

Projektteam: Michael Gétaz, Dr. Joël F. Pothier

Projektfinanzierung: FP7-KBBE

Projektbeginn: 01.01.2014

Weiterführende Informationen: https://secure.fera.defra.gov.uk/dropsa/index.cfm


The DROPSA consortium will create new knowledge and understanding of the damage and losses of fruit crops resulting from pests and pathogens, with a specific focus on the new and emerging threats due to Drosophila suzukii and quarantine pathogens Pseudomonas syringae, Xanthomonas fragariae and X. arboricola. The project will deliver a cost effective approach that can be widely implemented by the EU fruit industry.