FM-Value Chain

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Projektleiter/in: Prof. Dr. Christian Coenen

Projektteam: Kathrin Bartel, Daniel von Felten, Doris Waldburger

Projektbeginn: 01.02.2010


Project Background

During the early years of development of FM as a professional discipline there has been a strong focus on increased efficiency and cost reduction. The establishment of a market for outsourcing of former in-house services has been one of the prominent expressions of this development. However, as the discipline has matured, increased awareness of the need to create added value has emerged and the focus has shifted towards effectiveness besides efficiency. In order to being able to discuss the different views and empirical data, a group of researchers from England, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Switzerland took the initiative to conduct research within a EuroFM Research Network group.

Value Chain Background

The value chain concept is an important framework to be considered in this research on value creation in FM. The value chain concept was developed at Harvard Business School and is based on insights from services management. It describes a causal connection between internal organizational aspects (e.g. internal service quality, employee satisfaction, employee retention, employee productivity) and external organizational aspects (e.g. external service quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention, customer loyalty). These external factors have - again - an influence on internal measures, such as sales growth, profits, etc. This evidence-based framework was developed as a simple, workable, measurable, and memorable holistic roadmap that enables practitioners to gain valuable insight into the possibilities to upgrade the performance of their service organization.

General Research Goal

Since the value chain concept seems a promising contribution to the knowledge of FM value, the research goal consists of the following objectives:

a) Conceptual application/adaptation of the established framework to the field of FM to understand value creation in this business sector.
b) Empirical validation of the adapted framework with regards to a selected pilot study in an international setting.
c) Production of a series of case studies and associated workshops as a vehicle to exchange information and experience amongst participating practitioners and researchers.

Thus, the major goal of the application of the value chain within FM can be stated as the maximization of value in a network of internal and external relationships.