Life in Numbers 3

«Building bridges between industrial and academic research»


The synergy of life and computational sciences enables the development of radically new approaches for tackling problems in health care and society.  Fields like personalized medicine, computational genomics, clean biotech, computational chemistry, environmental sciences and process optimization are driven by these technologies of tomorrow.

With life sciences and medicine becoming increasingly quantitative, big data and machine learning competences are key. Statistical techniques for handling, analysing and modelling large data sets are essential to gather new insights. Numerical simulation of biological, chemical and mechanical processes is a complementary approach. Both approaches increasingly converge into data-driven predictive systems.

The ZHAW Wädenswil is very active in the field of computational life science and is a Swiss hub for applied research in this domain. Here we unite life sciences and modelling expertise to drive innovation in this highly dynamic field.

The conference will build bridges between academia and industry to demonstrate the potential benefits of research partnerships. We showcase innovative research in the field of computational life science performed with industry, from large companies to start-ups. This platform will be especially interesting for companies to sense new trends in this rapidly evolving field.

The next Event will take place in 2018!

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