ZHAW Startup Challenge Winners 2016

We found the best Swiss student team with the most promising idea in 2016! The three winners flew to Virginia USA and competed against other international teams!

About CoatChecker - Winners 2016

The victorious team consists of the three students Alexander Bleuler, Joris Storskogen and Nusret Salihi from the ZHAW School of Engineering. Their winning project is called CoatChecker. They developed a hand device to measure the thickness of materials in the building industry without destroying the material itself. So far, this was not possible.

An outstanding pitch and a mature technology as well as a huge market potential convinced the expert jury. We are very pleased to send such a strong team to Virginia to compete in the Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge for the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Challenge Trophy and the $25,000 Grand Prize in the Alumni Assembly Hall in The Inn at Virginia Tech.

Stay tuned about their journey on our Blog: https://blog.zhaw.ch/cie/