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E-learning and media-supported approach

The ZHAW places emphasis on e-learning and blended learning in its approach to teaching, studying and examinations. Students have access to a variety of tools, from virtual classrooms to class Wikis, which are designed to facilitate virtual learning.

Lecturers at the ZHAW know the possibilities inherent in e-learning and blended learning, and they make use of these in their teaching. Media-supported teaching and learning is an integral component of studying at the ZHAW. Apart from the standard ZHAW tools, students have access to a wide range of alternative tools which promote productive learning.   

Not least, e-learning gives students greater flexibility with regard to when and where they study.  At the beginning of their programme, they are given an introduction to the ZHAW e-learning environment. In addition, members of the Blended Learning unit are available to both students and teaching staff for individual consulting and/or coaching at any time. 

As part of their continuing professional development, our lecturers focus on extending their knowledge of e-learning and blended learning approaches and tools.