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Organisational Design and Change in the Non-profit Sector

One of the focus topics of the Institute of Management and Social Policy

The state, politics and society place many demands and expectations on non-profit organisations (NPOs). The environment is also constantly changing and creating new conditions of a demographic, economic and technological nature. Digitalisation is resulting in resource-intensive handling and interpretation of data. In addition, market-like competitive situations have arisen in fields of work such as asylum, occupational integration, subject financing or addiction counselling. Such diverse transformations require NPOs to constantly review and develop their activities.

How can they successfully accomplish this task? This is where the Institute of Management and Social Policy comes in. On the one hand, its role is to analyse and optimise strategies, structures and processes. On the other hand, the focus is on providing proof of effectiveness, on developing new services, and on strategic and business management. 

We research the theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of organisational design and change, and convey these in our teaching, training and continuing education as well as in the services we provide.