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Leading and Consulting in the Non-profit Sector

One of the focus topics of the Institute of Management and Social Policy

Organisations live from and for people – and their interventions, emotions and values. Leaders and counsellors, as well as social work professionals, ensure that cooperation is successful and that developments are initiated at an early stage or solutions found to resolve urgent questions. Alternatively, they seek advice and guidance and acquire new skills to ensure the quality of their work in order to benefit their stakeholders and use their own resources economically. This is what the focus topic “Leading and consulting” involves.

The Institute of Management and Social Policy aims to enable executives from NPOs, prospective counsellors and social work professionals to perform their roles responsibly and proficiently and to continuously develop in line with the times. We research the theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of leadership and counselling, and convey these in our teaching, training and continuing education, as well as in the services we provide.

The focus is on coaching, supervision and mediation. In addition, we study the transfer of these consulting formats or individual methods and skills to new fields of activity of NPOs.