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Key topics

Leadership and organisational design

The leadership and design of organisations is a topic that extends from human resource management and stakeholder management to the design of organisational structures, processes and cultures, through to strategy development and change management.
This institute addresses the skills required for the leadership and design of organisations in the social sector, as well as the question of how leaders can be helped to develop their skills.

Innovation and quality

In the field of innovation and quality, the institute concentrates on entrepreneurial activity, development of products and services, portfolio management, capacity building, and the management of knowledge, processes and resources within organisations in the social sector. Here, the institute takes an organisation’s core business into account: the type and quality of their services, as well as the effect and cost-efficiency thereof.

Supervision, coaching and mediation

In the three consulting formats referred to as supervision, coaching and mediation, the focus is on coping with everyday working life, on group dynamics, on conflict management and on overcoming destructive interaction cycles.

  • Supervision provides space and time to comprehensively reflect on (and actively address) work-related concerns in a mandate-oriented consulting process without any predetermined conclusions.
  • Coaching, which takes place over shorter periods than supervision, is geared towards people with demanding tasks and current work-related challenges.
  • Mediation focuses on conflict moderation and finding ways out of crises.