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Key topics

Leadership and organisational design

The institute addresses the strategic orientation and development of organisations, as well as the design of structures, processes and cultures. The ways in which organisations can successfully adapt to altered framework conditions and play a role in shaping change are of central importance. The institute helps leaders to deal with conflicts, to manage stakeholders, to set socio-political agendas and to develop skills.

Innovation and quality

The institute answers the question of how organisations in the social sector and neighbouring fields of activity can design, implement and further develop the services they offer, such as consulting, support, care, protection and prevention. It studies the effectiveness and impact of social interventions, and also helps organisations in dealing with pressure to make savings, as well as in designing innovation processes.

Supervision, coaching and mediation

Prudent use of supervision, coaching and mediation, as consulting formats, facilitates organisational cooperation and, in the process, causes the company to become a learning organisation. Beyond the interpersonal level of supervision, coaching and mediation, the institute also addresses other consulting formats, as well as tools such as team development and organisation development.