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Key topics

Family and growing up

In a structural sense, societal developments have led to the disappearance of clear phasing and to a shortening of childhood, with simultaneous lengthening of adolescence. The institute addresses the demands that this places on those affected, as well as on social work.

Child and youth care

The topic of child and youth care encompasses all services, offers and activities that Switzerland’s federal system provides in order to support and secure child welfare and the process of growing up. Here, the emphasis is on establishing living conditions that meet the needs of children and youths with the aid of public and private providers, as well as on issues regarding vulnerability when growing up.

Social work and school

After an initial boom and expansion phase, the practical field of social work in the school context is currently going through a consolidation phase. In this subject area, the institute focuses on consulting, prevention, supervision and compensation services. It strives for stronger connections between lifeworlds, and thus for conceptual cooperation between school, leisure time and the family home.