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Institute of Childhood, Youth and Family

«Today, societal developments keep posing new challenges for children, youths and their families. The School of Social Work offers answers to these developments, whereby it is the problems experienced by adolescents and their families that take centre stage, rather than those who cause them.»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gabriel

Head of the Institute of Childhood, Youth and Family

Our focus

At this institute, issues involving growing up, upbringing, education and socialisation in childhood and adolescence, as well as all related social work activities, take centre stage. It addresses adolescents and their families, thematising precarious conditions and hazards in the social and societal environment, as well as related professional and voluntary interventions from the realm of social work. The institute focuses on three topics:

  • Family and growing up
  • Childhood and youth care
  • Social work and school


The institute’s staff are qualified experts in the domain of childhood, youth and family. Together, they cover the fields of teaching, continuing education, services and consulting, as well as research and development.


The publications released in the context of the individual staff members’ scientific work provide an in-depth insight into the topics that they address.