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Key topics

Family and growing up

Societal developments have meant that biographies can no longer be clearly divided into various phases. A shortening of childhood, with simultaneous lengthening of adolescence, is also evident. The institute provides answers to questions that social challenges, both new and old, raise for adolescents and their families.

Child and youth care

The topic of child and youth care encompasses all services, programmes and activities that support and secure child welfare and the process of growing up. In this context, the institute primarily looks at how living conditions that meet the needs of children and youths can be established with the aid of public and private providers, as well as issues regarding vulnerability when growing up.

Social work and school

After an initial boom and expansion phase, the practical field of social work in the school context is currently going through a consolidation phase – new challenges are arising with regard to all-day schooling. In its research, services and continuing education programmes, the institute strives to strengthen the position of social work in cooperation with the school and the family home.