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Key topics

Domestic violence

Increasingly, society’s taboos surrounding domestic violence are being removed. Thus, offenders are being criminalised – whereby the estimated number of unreported cases remains high and victim groups’ ability to express themselves, as well as to claim their rights and dignity, is limited. The institute addresses domestic violence, as well as child protection under criminal law.

Juvenile delinquency and violence

The handling of youths’ deviant behaviour is a central topic in Swiss social work, due to the specific interconnection of youth care with the justice system. Alongside issues of (universal and selective) prevention, as well as issues regarding the cause and genesis of delinquency, the institute also focuses on the handling of adolescent and young adult offenders.

Reintegration of offenders

Political pressure and social trends, such as the zero-risk society and rising punitivity, are leading to an increased need for justification of the reintegration mandate. Innovative models are required. The institute’s interest is focused on structured interventions for the reintegration of offenders on the case level, on the institutional level, and on the level of the societal and social environment.