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Focus topics

The School of Social Work focuses on six specialist topics in training, continuing education and research, and has proven expertise in these areas.

Focus on childhood, youth and family

We focus on issues such as what a good upbringing means, what access children and young people have to education and social integration, and how child and adult protection can be ensured. Our aim is to contribute to the well-being of adolescents and their family environment.

Focus on delinquency and crime prevention

We focus on the causes of delinquency and crime, and how society and the state react. We also examine strategies for the prevention of deviant behaviour and develop approaches for the profession, where both perpetrators and victims are the focus of everyday professional life.

Focus on diversity and social integration

The topic of diversity and social integration studies the diversity and heterogeneity of people and their situation in life. We investigate how social integration can be strengthened when it is threatened by old age, residence status or material hardship. We also consider how people can help shape their social environment and flourish within it, and how equal opportunities can be promoted in a population in the long term.

Focus on management and social policy

We focus on social organisations and how they can act enterprisingly and prudently at the same time. We develop future-proof solutions with a wide range of stakeholders. We also look at how cooperation in heterogeneous teams can be designed in a constructive and targeted way.