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Luxury Management (4 - 6 ECTS)

Explore the Fascinating World of Luxury

Luxury has been fascinating humanity for years and it seems it will continue to do so in the future. During the last decades luxury has evolved into a big global business.

Do you want to know what luxury management is all about? Why certain brands stand out, and why they convey that certain something that makes them so desirable?
Is it possible for a luxury company to achieve a competitive edge through a high level of corporate responsibility? How does digitalization effect the traditional luxury companies?

These and many other questions will be answered during the course.

While the term ‘luxury’ may mean different things to different people, luxury products and services have always been renowned for their superior quality, design, and artistry.
This program will:

This short but intensive course in beautiful Switzerland, home to so many luxury brands, integrates theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It focuses on key aspects of luxury brand management such as international marketing strategies, brand positioning, product design, communications, and consumer behavior. Besides lectures and guest presentations the course includes on-site visits of iconic companies in different luxury industries (e.g. watches, food, fashion/accessories, hospitality).

Join us for an intensive, inspiring and fun Summer School on Luxury Management!

Topics on Luxury Management covered during the Swiss Summer School 2018 are (subject to change)

  • Nature, roots and definition of the phenomenon of luxury
  • History of luxury
  • The specifics of luxury management; anti-laws of marketing
  • Luxury brand management approaches
  • How to build a luxury brand? Niche players, strategies and success factors
  • Mindful luxury : CSR and luxury
  • Luxury in a digital world
  • Selling luxury: personal interaction and creation of the luxury experience