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Duration and Timing

Students who have studied abroad for a semester and have earned the necessary number of credits at their host university return to the ZHAW School of Management and Law to complete their studies in the normal program. There is no extension to the study program.

A semester abroad

Full-time students generally study abroad in the 4th semester of their three-year Bachelor's program. Studying abroad during the 5th semester is only permitted in exceptional cases where the spring semester at the host university begins too early. Part-time students study abroad in the 5th semester of their program.

Students in the International Management degree program

A year of study abroad is a requirement for the International Management degree program. After completing their assessment year, students spend two semesters at a partner university abroad. They then return to the ZHAW School of Management and Law for two further semesters. The time necessary to complete a Bachelor's degree in International Management including their time abroad is a total of three years (six semesters). More information on the study abroad requirements is available on the International Management degree program website.