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Double Degree Programs with Wiesbaden Business School, Hochschule RheinMain

The double degree programs will provide the opportunity to graduate students from both institutions to simultaneously pursue the Master degree from ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW) and Wiesbaden Business School (WBS).

Upon successful completion of the double degree program, the following degrees will be awarded by the partner institutions:


About the Double Degree Partner – Wiesbaden Business School

Wiesbaden Business School is a renowned business school located close Frankfurt, one the world’s leading financial centers. The institution provides practice-oriented education and employs a problem-solving approach. It ranks as the leading institution in Germany for business law with a specialization in accounting and taxation.

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Selection and Documents

Candidates for the double degree program will be selected by their home institution according to selection criteria jointly defined and agreed upon by WBS and ZHAW. Due to the higher workload compared to the ordinary Master study tracks at the partner institutions, only highly qualified students shall be selected for the double degree program.

Each institution reserves the right to require double degree candidates to complete the standard enrolment documents and to provide the results of any required entrance examinations. The host institution has the right to not accept a double degree candidate from the home institution for academic rationales or any other substantial reasons.

Important Information – Double Degree Wiesbaden Business School

Please note that only students already enrolled on the ZHAW MSc in Management and Law can apply for a Double Degree with Wiesbaden Business School. The specific application arrangement for the Double Degree will be confirmed by the ZHAW degree program head.