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Double Degree Program with IÉSEG School of Management

This double degree program enables graduate students at the ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW) and IÉSEG School of Management (IÉSEG) to pursue a Master’s degree at both institutions simultaneously.

Upon successful completion of the double degree program, graduates are awarded the following titles by the partner institutions:

Students enrolled in the program spend their first year at their home university and the second year at their host university.

About the Double Degree Partner – IÉSEG School of Management

IÉSEG School of Management (IÉSEG) is a nationally and internationally renowned postgraduate business school. It is triple-accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System), and AMBA (Association of MBAs). In recent years, IÉSEG has regularly been among the top 10 in the French business school rankings. IÉSEG ranked 59 out of 90 in the Best European Business Schools Ranking of 2016 and ranked 17 out of 90 in the category “Best Masters in Management”. In the national ranking of “Le Figaro,” IÉSEG ranked 7th out of 38 for “Best Business Schools France.” The SML has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with IÉSEG since 2011.

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Program Structure

The regular period of study of the double degree program is 20 months (four semesters of study plus 12 weeks for writing the Master’s thesis). Double degree students spend their first year at their home university and the second year at their host university. Each university provides full information to the other concerning the courses completed by double degree students.

At their host university, double degree students have access to the same courses as the graduate students enrolled in the regular Master’s program. They also enjoy the same rights and privileges and are subject to the same rules and regulations. They are registered as degree-seeking students at the host university only for those parts of the study program that are delivered by the host university. Students admitted for the double degree program complete the study program as set out below.

Study Program for Double Degree Students

Master’s Thesis

In addition to their compulsory coursework at both institutions as set out in the agreement, double degree students are required to write a Master’s thesis. All students of this double degree program write their Master’s thesis at ZHAW. The Master’s thesis is worth 15 ECTS. The partner institution ensures that the legal and organizational requirements are met to enable double degree students to start writing their Master’s thesis in their second year of study.

In writing their Master’s thesis, students are supervised by a faculty member from either ZHAW or IÉSEG. The Master’s thesis is reviewed by a faculty member of the other institution, thus ensuring joint supervision. The Master’s thesis must be written in English.

Completing a Master’s thesis at ZHAW also requires students to defend their thesis. If the Master’s thesis is supervised by faculty members from both institutions jointly, both supervisors participate in the thesis defense. The thesis defense is conducted in English.

Internship / Work Experience

ZHAW students studying at IÉSEG are not required to do an internship. Their job experience within the MSc Banking and Finance at ZHAW is recognized by IÉSEG as part of their two-year double degree program, and 15 ECTS credits are awarded if the following criteria are met:

Selection and Documents

Candidates for the double degree program are selected by their home institution according to selection criteria jointly defined and agreed by IÉSEG and ZHAW. Due to the higher workload compared to an ordinary Master’s program, only highly qualified students are eligible to enroll in the double degree program. Each institution is entitled to admit up to five students per year to the double degree program.

The double degree candidates must satisfy all admission requirements of the host institution, including:


The double degree program offered jointly by ZHAW and IÉSEG is based on a fee-paying arrangement. ZHAW students entering the IÉSEG program are required to pay tuition and other pertinent fees at IÉSEG, and vice versa, including administrative fees at IÉSEG and ZHAW.

The host university reserves the right to refuse admission to a double degree candidate from the home institution on academic grounds or for some other substantial reason.

Documents to be submitted by double degree candidates include

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of qualifications: copies of diploma, diploma supplement, grades, transcript of records (ECTS credits)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Proof of internship / work experience
  • CV, incl. photo