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Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration with a Specialization in Economics and Politics

"Thanks to my Bachelor's thesis, I was able to make direct contact with a company and take a closer look at its underlying problems. This practical collaboration was very instructive and beneficial, especially since I am now working for this company."

Dominik Furrer, Bachelor’s student, Business Administration with a Specialization in Economics and Politics

As an important part of society, the economy is subject to many different influences. In turn, it has a significant effect on society. This degree program helps you to prepare for a responsible role at the intersections between the economy and politics. 

At a Glance

Title: BSc in Business Administration with a Specialization in Economics and Politics
Academic achievement: 180 ECTS credits (one ECTS corresponds to approx. 30 hours of study time)
Duration: 6 semesters (full-time), 8 semesters (part-time)
Start of ProgramMid-September (calendar week 38)
Language of Instruction: German
Semester FeeCHF 720.- (subject to change)
Application Deadline: 30 April 2022 – apply now

What You Will Learn

The specialization Economics and Politics focuses on management in the public sector, which includes political and nonprofit organizations. As a graduate, you will have specialist knowledge of political science, administrative science, and economics. You will acquire a knowledge of business administration that is broad, up to date, and geared towards an international context, as well as sound fundamental knowledge of law, statistics, and mathematics

Your Career Prospects



Program Structure and Admission Requirements

Multilingual and Flexible

As a full-time student, the program takes six semesters, as a part-time student eight semesters to complete. While classroom instruction is in German, you will have four semesters of English, bringing you up to Cambridge Advanced level. Four compulsory elective modules will enable you to deepen your knowledge of specific key focus areas.

What You Need to Qualify

Further details