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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries (MEM Industries)

What does it really mean to build successful business models based on new technologies and new ways of thinking? How can a company operate successfully at the intersection of customers, competitors, and its internal organizational structures and continue to do so in the long term?

We look forward to making our expertise available to you to address these and other questions.

MEM Expert

Peter Qvist-Sorensen, Head of Center for International Industrial Solutions


+41 (0) 58 934 62 93


The SML is committed to the needs of the MEM industry, offering expert knowledge on aspects of strategy, technology, and HR. Our partners benefit above all from our high level of practical understanding as well as from our experience with the particular complexities faced by industrial companies. Together with you, we will address the current strategic issues of your organization and find appropriate solutions. Our scientific environment will ensure that you will receive the latest in knowledge and application orientation as well as efficient consulting and support.

Professional Milestones



Study Client Download
Umsetzung der Energiestrategie 2050 / Kapitel 2 ZHAW Study
Whitepaper on Cleantech in Mexico ZHAW Study
Cleantech-Unternehmen entdecken Kolumbien / S. 26 S-GE Study

Reference Projects

Project Download
Business Case: Entwicklungsländer Project