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Energy Sector

What will be the impact of implementing the Energy Strategy 2050 for your company? The new legal requirements are complex, and in these regulations the devil is often in the details.

Energy Sector Expert


Our experts analyze the diverse possibilities of the future energy market currently available, taking account of economic aspects and developing recommendations for your specific needs. The same applies to answering questions in connection with current developments in climate protection, such as what, specifically, the Paris Climate Agreement might mean for your organization.

Professional Milestones


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Projekt Elektrizitätsmarktdesign - Kapazitätsmechanismen
Kapazitätsmechanismen: Überblick und Umsetzung in ausgewählten Europäischen Ländern und Auswirkungen für die Schweiz
Projekt Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Swiss Climate Policy Instruments
Die Schweizer CO2-Abgabe
Projekt Politiken zur Förderung der Energieeffizienz
Integration der Schweizer Energie(effizienz)politiken und Massnahmen in die Europäische ODYSSEE-MURE-Datenbank
Projekt Internationale Klimapolitik
Evaluation Europäischer Emissionshandel

Reference Projects

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