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A comprehensive service for compliance practitioners from a university? Yes! We can train you to become an expert in specific compliance fields, keep you up to date at our conferences, and develop customized solutions to help you meet your challenges. Our scope includes the entire DACH region.

Continuing Education Products

MAS Compliance


Are you looking for a comprehensive, interdisciplinary compliance program? The MAS in Compliance has a modular structure consisting of two basic CAS programs and two elective CAS programs that you can choose depending on your needs.

CAS Compliance International


Are you looking for international expertise? The only certification program in Switzerland for this specialty will equip you with the knowledge you need for dealing with compliance issues in an international context.

CAS Compliance Investigator


What happens during an internal investigation? Effective analysis, planning, and implementation needs to be learned. Our certification program uses a practical approach to teaching you the necessary skills. The program in 2018 takes place on: 

3-9 September (whole week), 4-5 October (Thu-Fri); 12-16 November (whole week), 5-7 December (Wed-Fri)

CAS Compliance Officer


Effective compliance management systems (CMS) protect companies against damage. In our program, you will learn what to consider in setting up and implementing a CMS.

CAS International Competition Law and Compliance

Are you interested in knowing more about antitrust compliance? Let us introduce you to the world of anti-trust law. We will show you how to develop an efficient, intelligent, and well-structured compliance program.

Consulting & Training

Coaching Days for Compliance Officers

Are you looking for a solution that is tailored to the needs of your company? For one day, our experienced practitioners will coach you efficiently on the compliance issue of your choice.

In-House Training for Compliance Officers

Do you need assistance in meeting your challenges as a compliance officer? We offer a one-week in-house training program tailored to your needs.


DACH Compliance Conference

Expand your compliance network and stay up to date: Our conference offers the opportunity to interact with experienced practitioners and find out about current challenges and prospects in the DACH region.

Excellence in Compliance

What are the high risks of your industry? Working closely with selected organizations, we offer one-day excellence in compliance seminars that provide an overview of the risks.