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We form collaborative ventures and networks with first-rate partners from the academic and the business worlds which are both national and international in nature.

Our activities are focused on key areas of business law, areas at the intersection of business and law, and effective compliance programs. We deliver empirical expert opinions based on sound economic principles and advise interested companies. Our center offers exciting continuing education programs for legal professionals and entrepreneurs and regularly hosts events on current topics of interest. We regularly publish articles in renowned journals and contribute to legal commentaries.

Fields of Law

We are specialized in various fields of law and have expert knowledge in:

    • Antitrust law
    • Procurement law
    • State aid law
    • Internal market law
    • Competition policy
    • Sector regulations
    • Price surveillance law
    • Unfair trading law

      International Cooperation

      Globalization is increasing at a fast pace and competition and commercial law are gaining in significance internationally. The center therefore places great value on international relations and is committed to promoting projects outside of Switzerland. This includes, among others, cooperation with international organizations, cross-border knowledge transfer, and the exchange with specialists on a global scale. Partners of long standing include, among others, UNCTAD, UEMOA, and NYSBA.

      Current International Cooperation Projects:

      For further details, visit the Perdana University website.

      The start of the next program is in Autumn 2017.
      For further details, visit the website of Burgundy School of Business.


      The start of the next program is in July 2017.
      For further details, have a look at our continuing education program.