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Research and Consulting

Our research projects deal with current issues of competition law and compliance. We provide advice to SMEs, international companies, as well as associations and authorities.

The research and consulting activities of the Center for Competition Law and Compliance include analysis of doctrine and jurisprudence with regard to competition law, arbitration and commercial law, and issues of competition policy. Current problems, in particular in the private sector, are scientifically examined, and the findings are published in relevant journals.

The Center for Competition Law and Compliance offers consulting services to interested individuals and organizations. SMEs in particular are able to benefit from the collective know-how of our team of experts.

Current Projects


A number of projects result in Publications written and co-written by members of our Center.

Current Publication Projects

“Compliance für KMU”

“Lehrbuch Kartellrecht”

“Handbuch International Commercial Arbitration”

Completed Projects