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Welcome (future) paralegals!

The success story of Swiss paralegals is closely linked to the ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML). Since 2002, the SML has trained over 700 paralegals. The Swiss Paralegal Association, whose membership includes alumni both in Switzerland and abroad, is committed to representing the interests of paralegals in the world of politics, business, education, and the media.

Continuing Education Products

CAS Paralegal | Start: 26.08.2022

Paralegals not only ensure the smooth running of the legal back office, they are also responsible for demanding external tasks. These include parts of transactions involving clients, counterparties, and authorities. The certificate program CAS Paralegal gives you the tools you need to handle a multitude of legal responsibilities by yourself.

CAS Intellectual Property Paralegal | Start: 2023 TBA

You will receive qualified specialist training in the administration and management of intellectual property. In addition to basic legal knowledge, the administration and management of patent, trademark and design law are dealt with in detail. The program is aimed at paralegals working in the field of intellectual property.

DAS Paralegalism | Start: ongoing

The Diploma of Advances Studies in Paralegalism (DAS) is geared towards the various needs of participants and their employers and can be acquired in a modular training program. Participants can specialize based on their own interests or needs of their organization, enabling them to carry out their legal responsibilities even more efficiently and independently.



Working at a law firm, authority, or legal service, you depend on the professional support of paralegals. Our speakers and panellists at the Paralegal Forum hosted by the ZHAW School of Management and Law will tell you what you and your paralegals have always wanted to know about the law office support you need.