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The Center for Competition Law and Compliance Law hosts various conferences on aspects of competition law and compliance.

Ateliers de la Concurrence

Together with the Center for Competitiveness at the University of Fribourg, the Center for Competition Law and Compliance created a series of conferences on competition policy and competition law in 2009 entitled “Ateliers de la Concurrence”. Various other partners have joined the ZHAW School of Management and Law in continuing this series of conferences, which have become regular events.

Ateliers de la Concurrence

Competition Law Update

Together with the Center for Competition Law and Compliance, ACCL holds a series of events entitled “Competition Law Update” which twice a year focus on key issues of international competition law and compliance. It features three presentations by speakers highlighting current developments in national and international antitrust law. The speakers are available for questions from the audience.

Competition Law Update (in German)

Excellence in Compliance

Jointly with various trade associations, the Center also hosts Excellence in Compliance seminars which are tailored to the needs of specific sectors of trade and industry.

From No to Go: Compliance has become a key duty of all enterprises - multinationals and SMEs alike. Companies need to protect themselves against penalties, claims for damages, and reputational risk. The Center for Competition Law and Compliance collaborates with a number of trade associations in organizing compliance conferences tailored to the current needs of trade and industry. In the course of one day, participants are given an overview of the major risks their particular sector is faced with at the moment.

For details on the targeted sectors of trade and industry and to find out more about the program, please visit our German site.

Debating Competition - The young lawyers and economists network

An event entitled “Debating Competition” was launched by the Center for Competition Law and Compliance in 2012 for young antitrust law and competition economic specialists in Switzerland. Its aim is to enable participants to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, listen to keynote speeches and exchange views with each other and with the speakers.

Debating Competition (in German)

Litigation PR

Process-related public relations and litigation PR have gained in significance in Europe and in Switzerland in recent years. Parties not only strive for success in court or at hearings, they also want public recognition. To this end, they invest considerable resources. This conference bridges the gap between law and communication. Where are the opportunities and risks at the intersection of the justice system and the media? What instruments do representatives from the business world, the media, and the justice system employ to communicate their views.



The Center for Competition Law and Compliance is a partner in an initiative entitled Negotiations.CH, which was recently established by a group of young negotiation enthusiasts. They aim to discuss negotiation techniques and related subjects such as public relations, rhetoric, leadership, and cultural diversity. To this end, Negotiations.CH hosts and organizes conferences, seminars, and simulations in close collaboration with experts from different fields, institutions, and countries. Through an effective combination of knowledge and practice, Negotiations.CH wants to be a platform for negotiation training, preparation, and support. 




At the first Paralegal Forum held in Switzerland on 26 May 2016, education policy-makers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and paralegals debated the future of the paralegal profession. The focus was on the challenges of educating paralegals and the needs of the economy in terms of the field of activity of paralegals, which is becoming increasingly comprehensive.