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Focus Areas

The Center for Enterprise Law has a diverse range of competencies at its disposal with which to cover all aspects of social law in a national and international context.

Employment Law

Employment law draws on different sources of law that exist in private and in public law. We deal with individual and collective contract law as well as with issues of public employment law. In addition, we focus on recruitment and the supply of staff, deployment law, labor law, employee data protection, and law on foreign nationals. You benefit from our specialist knowledge and our extensive experience in the areas of international labor law, public international labor law, and EU employment law.

Social Insurance Law

Social insurance law occupies an increasingly important place in our society and in the business domain. Important subject areas for the Center for Enterprise Law include the reintegration of individuals threatened by or suffering from a disability into the workplace, occupational health protection, and issues of access to the employment market. You benefit from our expertise in developing practical solutions to complex problems covering all aspects of national and international social insurance law and employment law.

Data Protection Law

A legal data protection framework has an impact on most fields of law today. For corporations and public administrations, data protection law is also an integral part of compliance. The Center for Enterprise Law and the Canton of Zurich Data Protection Commissioner have formed the association Zurich Center for Information Technology and Privacy (ITPZ).

With this center of excellence, and our specialist knowledge, we offer you expert support in all areas of data protection.

Health Law

Health law is an area of the law that has wide-ranging legal and social implications. Besides the usual legal issues affecting the traditional doctor-patient relationship, we emphasize the relevant rights of the individual such as data protection and protection against discrimination. We provide answers to questions regarding the protection against discrimination on the grounds of specific health issues and the consequences of health issues for different areas of life (work, family life, and research).

Non-Discrimination Law

The right to protection against discrimination is enshrined in the Constitution and in the law of nations as a fundamental principle of a democratic legal system that requires substantiation at the legislative level. We are a competent partner for all relevant issues of non-discrimination law and apply concepts of diversity management drawn from business studies and social sciences to complement the legal perspective.

Other Focus Areas

In addition, we deal with issues of social security law, family law, adult social care law, and human rights.